When guests check into a luxury hotel, they invest in an experience. Guests expect not only premium accommodations, but also the finest technology that imparts an effortless, sensory experience – an emotional connection with no boundaries and without compromise.

At Dubai Audio we provide your resorts and restaurants with unparalleled amenities, as outlined below. Our systems are developed with a connoisseur’s dedication to detail and outstanding customer service. We tailor and install each system so it runs in harmony with the individual needs of your establishment and the desires of your guests. The end result is that rare experience: Genuine luxury – immersive and essential.

Selected establishments we have collaborated with include the Ritz Carlton, Jumeirah, the St. Regis One & Only, the W Hotel, Grosvenor House, and Rosewood.

High-end yet affordable audio systems for guestrooms.

Our unique, high-end audio systems are offered exclusively by Dubai Audio. Our music systems feature Hotel Modes, which provide customized functionality such as a volume limit, auto alarm turn-off, and mobile device charging, all with the hi-fi sound your guests will love. In addition to superb sound quality, each system provides numerous streaming options and Bluetooth capabilities so guests can tailor their rooms and their environment instantly. Whether guests are in bed or relaxing; they’re always with the music they love. If however, you are looking for a cable-free solution, we also have in-ceiling lighting/audio all-in-one solutions. The perfect mood for their vacation is always just a touch away, setting your hotel apart and setting a new standard of luxury.

Sleek and easy charging solutions for guest rooms, restaurants, and commercial spaces.

Our LEAP products set new standards for how your guests can charge their mobile devices. In addition to classic bedside charging stations, we offer chargers that are portable. These sophisticated accessories allow guests to charge up while dining in your restaurant, having cocktails with clients, or just lounging poolside.

Stylish indoor/outdoor adaptive lighting systems.

Transform any space with our one-of-a-kind lighting solution. Elegant and practical, raising the bar for indoor/outdoor ambiance. Our all-in-one ceiling lights and speakers combine mood-sensory lighting and immersive sound to generate the ultimate ambiance within any space you desire whether it be a restaurant, spa, guest bedroom, or throughout your resort.

No custom in-ceiling or wireless speakers are required. No unsightly cables, plugs, and sockets, just a captivating and immersive soundscape.

With Dubai Audio, you can uniquely use a combination of sound and light to transform your guests' experience into a space that can ignite emotions and speak to their senses.

The ultimate analogue alarm.

If you want to offer the best; Oliver Hemming and Mondaine's beautifully detailed alarm clocks have been approved by some of the world’s finest hoteliers. Their hand-finished steel cases offer beautifully high-end quality and weight. The clocks offer a 100% silent sweep action movement and a night light that comes on when the clock is picked up or slightly tilted. Available in chrome, rose, yellow gold, or black anodized aluminum, there are multiple choices of the dial face, and some are available with luminous hands. Custom options can also be provided upon request.

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