ClearAudio Electronic GmbH of Germany is a manufacturer of high-fidelity audio products. Formed in 1978, their primary focus is on vinyl turntables and related products such as cartridges.


1978 was the year Peter Suchy and his team developed Clearaudio's first moving coil cartridges. The patented fully symmetrical design and the choice of a boron cantilever were pioneering approaches that guide others to this day – while Clearaudio continues to refine them. 'Made in Germany' at Clearaudio stands for the highest quality, using high-end materials and the perfect technical implementation of intelligent innovation. Every product in Clearaudio's portfolio is conceived and produced by highly skilled specialists and precision engineers in the science city of Erlangen.

Since its inception, Clearaudio has amazed music lovers in more than 80 countries worldwide with analog playback devices that set new standards of audio reproduction and constantly raise the bar a little higher. The range now also includes – in addition to high-end turntables, tonearms and cartridges – phonostages, preamplifiers, class A power amplifiers, connectors, cables and audio racks plus a wide range of accessories for maximum listening pleasure. The company has also embraced music production and now creates Clearaudio's own audiophile recordings and lovingly supervised re-releases of legendary classical discs once produced for the world-famous Deutsche Grammophon.

Passionate and specialized staff, the highest quality materials, skillful workmanship, uncompromisingly accurate design, and ingenious production technology – all taking place in Erlangen, the center of science and location of the world-famous Friedrich-Alexander University. Our city shapes and influences our aspirations and expertise.
In close proximity to the Fraunhofer and Max Planck Institutes, our engineers and mechanics research future technology – for ever greater acoustic quality.

Under the Clearaudio banner, highly trained perfectionists with innovative imaginations help to make audiophile visions come true.

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The goal of high-end analog is to perfectly merge technology, workmanship, and design and subordinate them to one single target: the best possible music reproduction. At Clearaudio, all development, design, and production remain firmly in the hands of a perfectly experienced and attuned team of specialists who never lose sight of that goal, and who uphold the Clearaudio philosophy and high-quality standards.

From the tiniest part to the full audiophile 'Gesamtkunstwerk' (a complete work of art that draws on many art forms), at Clearaudio everything is meticulously made by hand – with maximum precision and plenty of passion. Precision-crafted mechanics and the use of components fine-tuned for density, mass, and shape guarantee mechanical harmony and the absence of resonance when playing records.

The ingredients are high-density multi-layered wood, titanium, stainless steel V2A, aluminum, and specially developed high-performance plastics. Two parameters are of critical importance: maximum performance of music playback and technically effective design, as well as the aesthetic beauty of their creations.

Clearaudio has developed new and improved ways of satisfying an audiophile's needs. They offer an unparalleled selection of the three main types of tonearms: single-point bearing radial, multi-point bearing radial, and tangential tonearms. Their range of tonearms features many cutting-edge technologies, including several Clearaudio patented designs. Even the radial tonearms deliver groundbreaking technology and include many patented systems such as our cutting-edge magnetic bearings, as well as precision ball-race, uni-pivot, gimbal, and hybrid bearings.

Clearaudio's sophisticated tangential technology is the perfect solution for those who want to engage completely with the music and experience a flawless rendering of all facets of sound. Each LP master is tangentially cut in production by the record-cutting lathe. Clearaudio tangential tonearms operate according to their patented, purely mechanical passive process and follow the exact same tracking path as the cutter head that made the master. Replay tracking angles are thus identical, and so mistracking distortion is virtually eliminated.

Clearaudio ahas been engaged in ongoing research into moving coil technology since 1978. Compared with moving magnet systems, moving coil cartridges have the potential to extract even finer details from the record groove and to respond to dynamic changes significantly faster. Since the early days of our research, the improvement of sound quality has been driven steadily forward by using new materials and seeking new solutions to well known problems, such as setting new standards in the parameters of dynamic impedance, inductance and capacitance. Ingenious design and extensive scientific experimentation have allowed us to bridge the gap in performance between moving magnet and moving coil cartridges.

Our top-of-the-range moving magnet cartridges incorporate many of the features of our moving coil cartridges. The Clearaudio MC generation V2 represents the state of the art for high-end MC cartridges.

Perfect symmetry for perfect sound reproduction: Clearaudio moving coil cartridge technology.

Only patented Clearaudio moving coil (MC) cartridges are symmetrical in all three important respects: magnetic, mechanical and electrical. Clearaudio MC technology is considered by both experts and music lovers to be the ultimate in audiophile music reproduction.

Since founding Clearaudio in 1978 Peter Suchy and his team have pioneered a series of novel ideas, subjecting every new development to meticulous scientific examination and ruthless testing. This tireless refusal to accept limitations and to strive toward new solutions and higher fidelity have enabled Clearaudio to reach peaks of innovation and technological development and to occupy a leading market position. Such outstanding specifications as a dynamic range of 100 decibels and a bandwidth of 20Hz to 100kHz speak for themselves. Countless hours are invested in our laboratories to make Clearaudio's flagship products even better and in so doing, the standard for the world's best to be redefined and many technological triumphs of analogue music reproduction have been achieved.

Each moving coil cartridge made by Clearaudio is an impressive demonstration of fine engineering and a milestone in high-end audio history: unique masterpieces with microscopic pure gold coils, handmade in Germany.

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